Excessive Sweating Treatment 6th April 2022

What Is The Best Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating, also professionally known as hyperhidrosis, is a condition that affects more people than you’d think. A surprising average of 2%-3% of the population suffer from a severe lack of confidence due to the symptoms associated with this condition. Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options available, but what is the best excessive sweating treatment?


Treating Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis can affect numerous areas of the body, but most commonly areas such as the palms, soles, forehead, scalp and underarms. Usually, these symptoms aren’t linked to other concerns, but sometimes they can be paired with things such as diarrhoea, wheezing, flushing, and heart palpitations. If this happens to be the case for you, it could be an indication of a more serious underlying health condition that needs to be explored further with your GP.

If overactive sweat glands are your only concern, then excessive sweating treatment is the key. You have the option of exploring topical creams and anti-perspirants as well as prescription medications, but Dr Firas has found botulinum toxin injections to be highly effective and less problematic in terms of side effects. This injectable treatment offers a very quick and very safe solution to a problem that has likely troubled you for some time. The results are also long-lasting and only require top-up appointments from time to time.


Excessive Sweating Treatment In London

Dr Firas has presented internationally and published a scientific paper on the uses of botulinum toxin in medicine, including hyperhidrosis, and has great skill and experience when it comes to performing this excessive sweating treatment.

As we mentioned above, hyperhidrosis affects more people than you realise. There is even a chance that you might be unknowingly suffering, passing off your symptoms as the norm when in fact they’re far from it.

If you feel as though constant sweating is having a negative affect on your self-esteem and increasing your anxiety, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr Firas at his Harley Street practice. He will be able to assess your concerns and leave you feeling happier and more confident.

Call 07494 764 201 or email info@drfirasalniaimi.co.uk to book your appointment.

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