Laser Tattoo Removal


Have you ever been on holiday and decided to stroll into the nearest tattoo parlour to commemorate your trip? Perhaps you and your ex decided it would be romantic to have each other’s names permanently inked onto your bodies? All too often, so many of us make hasty decisions when it comes to tattoos.

A design that you might think is a good idea at the time might come back to haunt you later in life, leaving you asking yourself “what on earth possessed me to do that?!” Not only is an unwanted tattoo rather an eyesore, but it can also seriously knock your confidence and have an effect on what you choose to wear or how your present yourself on a day to day basis. Don’t let one bad decision take control of your life. What used to be a permanent mistake can now be erased with the help of the highly advanced “PicoWay” laser tattoo removal.

This innovative system allows Dr Firas, a fully trained and experienced leading London dermatologist, to fully remove all tattoos in just a few short treatments, including all skin types and the most stubborn ink pigments.

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What does the procedure involve?
Using the latest picosecond photo-mechanical technology, pulses of high-speed light energy are fired at the target ink pigments in order to break them down into tiny particles. Then, the natural processes of the body are left to work their magic, disposing of the ink particles as toxins over time.

How long does laser tattoo removal take?
As opposed to other tattoo removal options, the PicoWay laser is up to 8 times faster, with each session lasting just 30 minutes to an hour. PicoWay offers full tattoo removal in as little as 4 – 8 treatments across a 5 – 12 month period, whereas other methods could take up to 3 years.

What can I expect from my treatment?
Upon the completion of your treatment plan, you can expect crystal clear skin with no traces of the tattoo that was once there. Even patients that have tried other tattoo removal treatments in the past and suffer with stubborn ink that has stopped fading can benefit from the PicoWay laser. It is fully effective against recalcitrant tattoos. This type of laser also works without heating the surrounding skin tissue, making for a fast, versatile, pain-free treatment.

What is the recovery time?
As mentioned above, the fact that the surrounding tissue is not affected by this treatment means that recovery time is much faster than that of other treatment options, if required at all. Not only that, but there is less of a gap between your treatments because of this, and less risk of side effects and complications, such as scarring and pigmentation concerns.

Who is suitable for laser tattoo removal?
This type of treatment is suitable for patients of all skin types and absolutely any tattoo, despite its colour. You’d surely benefit from PicoWay laser tattoo removal if you suffer with a tattoo that you simply despise and regret, especially if it’s having a negative impact on your life or if you’ve exhausted numerous other methods of tattoo removal without success.