Do you feel as if your skin needs rejuvenating and you would like to get rid of fine lines or acne scarring? If this rings true for you, then microneedling (also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy) can be the perfect solution to achieve a more youthful appearance of the skin. Through stimulating collagen production, microneedling can remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles and reduce the appearance of scars. Microneedling can also be used to minimise the appearance of stretch marks.

Micro needling makes use of very fine and small needles to create hundreds of light, invisible punctures in the skin. By lightly puncturing the skin hundreds of times, the skin is alerted to the wound which results in the increased production of collagen and elastin which is primarily responsible for repairing and maintaining the look of your skin. The procedure is very flexible and can be used on many areas of the body. The treatment does a similar job to laser treatments although the process is mechanical instead of making use of heat or cooling energy. The treatment is held in high regard as it’s makes use of the bodies natural healing processes rather than injecting chemicals into the body. Microneedling can provide a number of benefits for the skin, the improvements range from but are not limited to the reduction of lines and wrinkles, pigmentation correction, getting rid of blemishes and age spots, reducing the visibility of scarring and shrinking pores.

Professor Firas Al-Niaimi is a cosmetic dermatologist based in Harley Street and has many years’ experience working with anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments such as microneedling. If you book a consultation with Professor Firas Al-Niaimi you’ll have years of cosmetic knowledge and expertise at your disposal meaning you will only be offered the best and most practical solutions to improving your skin.


Microneedling is a non-surgical technique whereby a microneedling pen or microneedling roller is applied to the skin. The process utilises a power hand piece to create tiny channels in the dermis of the skin. This initiates the body’s healing process to promote the production of collagen, which improves skin texture as well as minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling works by using a dermapen to increase the production of collagen within the skin. This promotes the skin’s natural healing process and stimulates collagen bridging.

Microneedling is the perfect anti-wrinkle treatment as the procedure involves a quick recovery as well as great results; it is also a good treatment for acne scarring, and has been know to treat stretch marks, too. Your skin will be red for around a week with possible light bleeding, but you can wear make-up the next day to help hide the colour. As this is a non-invasive procedure, you will be able to return to work the same day.

Microneedling can be painful during the procedure, and may produce linear tracks if the needle that is being used is too large; however in the hands of an experienced dermatologist such as Dr Al-Niaimi, these side effects are minimised. You can always request an anaesthetic cream if you are worried about pain during the procedure.

Just as with laser treatments, microneedling requires several treatment sessions in order to produce a long-lasting effect. Depending on the severity of your skin wrinkling or scarring, you could require anything between three and six treatments, spaced about six weeks apart.