Acne is an incredibly common skin condition that affects almost all of us at some point in our lives, particularly throughout puberty. It causes spots and oily skin above anything else, usually targeting the face, chest and back. Those of us unfortunate enough to suffer with a severe acne condition can often be left with scarring when nodules, cysts and other spots burst, leaving lasting damage to the surrounding skin. Active acne itself is difficult enough for most patients to live with, both mentally and physically, but acne scarring often only worsens the situation.

Luckily, Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, a leading London-based dermatologist, offers effective subcision treatment for deeper, severe acne scarring. Otherwise known as subcutaneous incisional surgery, after just one treatment, many patients see significant improvements and noticeable results. This is a type of pre-treatment for deeper scars that will then allow for more effective results from laser skin resurfacing. By combining the two treatments, you can expect optimum results and skin that both looks and feels youthful and smooth.


A small puncture is made in the surface of the skin within the affected area so that a special hypodermic needle can be inserted. This needle is used to sever the fibrotic strands that tether the scars to the underlying tissue, initiating a healing process that stimulates the production of new and healthy collagen, as well as overall cosmetic improvement of the scarring.

This is a fairly quick, routine procedure, although repeat treatments are usually required for optimum results. Dr Firas will discuss this with you during your consultation, although repeat treatments are usually scheduled with 3-month intervals.

In most cases, the patient will experience slight swelling and bruising post-treatment, although this should quickly subside within a matter of days.

You shouldn’t need to take time out of your routine to recover as there is typically no downtime associated with this type of treatment. If you are at all concerned as your skin heals, be sure to get in touch. Dr Firas is happy to ease your concerns.

It is hard to give a solid figure prior to your consultation with Dr Firas. A number of factors contribute to the cost of your treatment, including the severity of your scarring and the size of the treatment area. At an estimate, most procedures start at around £500, but a definite price will be determined following an in-depth consultation.

This treatment is only suitable for patients suffering with particularly severe, deep acne scarring. Your suitability also depends on the type of scarring you have, as well as the location. Dr Firas fully assesses your suitability at the consultation stage, as some patients might benefit more from other treatment methods, particularly if you have a history of bleeding or blood clotting disorders, among other conditions.