The most common cysts are sebaceous cysts, which are benign cysts that appear just under the skin. Cysts can sometimes cause pain or discomfort, or may often be painless but cause you to feel self conscious about their appearance. Skin Tags are similar, but are often caused by the skin rubbing in areas where clothes are tight or movement is restricted. Cyst removal or skin tag removal can give your self esteem a boost.


Addresses Men and Women
Hospital Stay No hospital stay needed
Downtime No downtime
Anesthesia Local anaesthetic
Final Result Permanent


Sebaceous cysts can be caused by a wide range of reasons, but they are usually benign. Cysts can be variable in origin, but usually occur under the surface of the skin and are filled with yellowish-white, semi-solid, fatty materials. Skin tags are also often a problem for many individuals and can be removed easily. Skin tags are caused by skin rubbing in areas where clothes are tight and can restrict your movement.

Sebaceous cyst removal and skin tag removal are both minimally invasive procedures which can be performed under local anaesthetic. The treatment is painless and will involve complete removal of the lesion. Never attempt to remove a cyst or skin tag yourself; this is very dangerous and will cause complications.

Cyst or skin tag removal treatments are day procedures, and will take no more than an hour.

Cyst removal is painless as you will be treated with local anaesthetic before the procedure. The procedure will involve Dr Firas Al-Niaimi removing the cyst or skin tag with a scalpel. Skin tag removal is even less invasive and may involve freezing the lesion off without a scalpel. Book your consultation now to see what type of treatment is right for your cyst or skin tag.

As cyst removal or skin tag removal are both minimally invasive procedures; you will be able to return to work immediately, and return to physical activity within a few days to one week.