What makes our skin sensitive?

Having sensitive skin is an issue which many people suffer from and can cause difficulties or irritation in your day to day life. Many factors can cause sensitive skin, or irritate further skin which is already delicate. Factors may include; genetics, your environment, dirt and pollen levels around you, household cleaning products, hard water, your cleansing routine, your lifestyle, hormones, stress, diet and hydration. If you develop dry skin or rashes easily then it is most likely that your skin is becoming irritated by a factor, or a number of factors in your lifestyle.

If you have sensitive skin, then excessive cleaning or applying the wrong products can cause the skin to become aggravated and sore. It may be difficult to find the perfect products for your skin type; reducing sensitivity is often all about choosing the right product and these can be recommended to you by an experienced dermatologist.

Treatment suggestions:

If you’re concerned about your sensitive skin, seeking professional, medical help is the first thing you need to do. It’s very difficult to recommend a treatment without taking a look at your skin condition; for this reason, Dr Firas Al-Niaimi would prefer to see you at his Harley Street clinic location before advising the best treatments for your sensitive skin, and helping you to put together a long-term skincare routine. Enquire now.