What is Rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma is an uncommon skin disorder which is characterised by a large, often red, bumpy nose. This disorder is sometimes called “bulbous nose” or “phymatous rosacea”. Rhinophyma typically affects men more than women.

What causes Rhinophyma?

The exact cause of Rhinophyma is unknown, but often occurs in cases of severe rosacea. Rhinophyma occurs in the later stages of rosacea, usually forming over several years. Suffering from Rhinophyma, along with severe rosacea, can have a really negative impact on your life; knocking your self-confidence and self-esteem. Rhinophyma is very hard to hide and you may feel like you can never escape this condition.


There are treatments available to control the rosacea however rhinophyma itself requires laser treatment to reduce the redness and the bumpiness giving rise to a smooth contouring of the nose. It is strongly advised to seek professional help from an experienced dermatologist such as Dr Firas Al-Niaimi. Dr Al-Niaimi will advise you on which treatment will be most beneficial to you; laser procedures are often used to treat Rhinophyma.