The PicoWay laser treatment is a revolutionary device for treating a range of skin conditions. Using a picosecond pulse laser system, PicoWay is most commonly utilised in the removal of tattoos and pigmented lesions, such as birthmarks. During treatment, short bursts of energy are delivered to the skin tissue. This breaks up pigmentation into smaller particles that can be more easily eradicated. With dual wavelengths in one system, PicoWay is equipped to treat a wide range of tattoo colours and lesion types.

The PicoWay laser provides highly targeted treatment in shorter times, ensuring the effective elimination of unwanted pigmentation without damage to the surrounding tissues. Once the pigmentation has been broken down, it can then be eliminated from the body via it’s natural processes. It is safe enough for use on most areas of the body, including the delicate areas of the face, chest, hands and neck.

Patients are required to undergo a consultation with Dr Firas Al-Niaimi prior to receiving any treatment with the PicoWay laser. This helps Dr Al-Niaimi get to know each patient’s personal needs, ensuring they receive the right treatment for their unique concerns in order to deliver unrivalled results.

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PicoWay can be used to treat a wide range of pigmentation concerns, including sun damage, freckles, age spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and general discolouration. It may also be used to smooth the skin and improve texture, correcting the appearance of acne scarring a rough, ageing skin.

PicoWay provides highly targeted treatment, and does not disrupt or damage the surrounding tissues. This means that there is very little downtime, and those who undergo treatment may resume their normal activities immediately after leaving the clinic if the appropriate aftercare advice is adhered to. It is important to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect the skin while it heals. In the days following the procedure, the treated areas will darken before being eliminated totally.

The effects of PicoWay laser treatment will vary dependent on factors such as the size, depth, and type of pigmentation being treated. Some patients may achieve outstanding results in a single session, whereas others may require several. During your consultation, Dr Al-Niaimi will be able to determine how many treatments will be necessary for optimal results.

PicoWay uses acoustic energy, or sound waves, whereas most laser treatments use thermal energy, or heat. For this reason, the procedure can be effective on most skin types, including darker tones. During your consultation, Dr Al-Niaimi will be able to assess your suitability for PicoWay and suggest other treatments where appropriate.