Hyperhidrosis, commonly known as “excessive sweating”, is a condition that can cause serious bouts of embarrassment and a lack of confidence for its suffers. There are a huge number of people who suffer from hyperhidrosis (2-3% of the population on average), which is why medical professionals provide a number of treatments available to reduce or stop profuse sweating from problemed areas.

At his private practice in Harley Street, London Dermatologist Dr Firas Al-Niaimi offers a wrinkle relaxing treatment to battle hyperhidrosis in his patients, which has seen some great success. Anti-wrinkle products are injected into the skin to deter nerves in the skin cells, resulting in a paralysis of the muscle and glands in that area. As a result, the treated area is unable to sweat.


Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi will first sit down with you at an initial consultation to understand you, your body, your expectations and your concerns. It is important to understand what you want from any treatment in line, and it is even more important that you are open and honest about this with Dr Firas. Once a consultation has taken place, Dr Firas will have formulated a treatment plan that works best for you. The procedure involves multiple wrinkle relaxing injections being injected into the skin around the problem area. The injections may be uncomfortable for some, so a local anaesthetic cream may be applied pre-treatment if desired.

Hyperhidrosis reduction treatment typically lasts between 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the severity of the condition and the size of the treated area.

Following your treatment, you can expect to see results within 2-4 days. Although the results may not be drastic at first, you will notice up to 80% less sweating in the treated area after just two weeks. Results should last from 4-6 months.

This treatment can be administered anywhere on the body, but the most commonly affected areas are the underarms (armpits), forehead, palms of the hands, soles of the feet, chest and groin.

You will be able to resume your daily activities almost instantly post treatment. Depending on the severity of the condition and the treatment performed, you may be in minimal discomfort. This will be discussed and explained during your consultation with Dr Firas, so that everything is clear before your treatment.

Anyone that suffers with excessive sweating is suitable for this treatment.