Active acne is an inflammatory skin condition of the pilo-sebaceous unit, which causes acne breakouts with the potential for acne scarring and in some cases persistent redness. While most common in teenagers, this is a condition that can affect any age appearing most commonly on the face, chest, back and neck. This condition can cause low self-esteem and is a common reason to see a dermatologist.

What causes acne?

Acne is caused due to a number of factors in your skin. Excessive sebum (oil from grease glands) production, blockage of pores, and inflammation partly also due to the presence of one particular bacteria that resides in the skin.  Some people have larger pores than others, meaning that they are more prone to acne, or have naturally oily skin, which leads to more blocked pores.

Identifying acne

It is imperative that before pursuing any kind of acne treatment that Dr Firas Al-Niaimi can identify the type of acne that needs to be treated. There are different types of acne ranging from white/blackheads, cysts or red painful spots.