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Trusting In Your Dermatologist

With the ever-growing abundance of dermatologists scattered across the medical industry today, it can understandably be overwhelming being this spoilt for choice. However, narrowing down your choices to the trusted dermatologist that can grant you your desired results requires dedicating time to actually sitting down and conducting thorough research.


The Importance Of Researching Dermatologists


It is necessary to keep in mind that disappointing results will cost you financial expense, further surgery to reverse and correct undesired results, and unnecessary time that could have been saved if you had initially performed the correct research. Some things to keep on your check-list include checking their areas of expertise (e.g. do they specialise in cosmetic dermatology?) to see if it lines up with your requirement.  Scheduling a consultation is also crucial to get a feel for their approach, look up their experience, and look into if they have any papers published as proof that they evolve with the innovative changes and improvements that consistently occur in aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology.


Why Dr Firas Is The Dermatologist You Can Trust


Behind the procedures performed by one of London’s leading and most reputable dermatologists – Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, lies a wealth of experience, optimal expertise and perfected, precise skill. During his patients’ initial consultation, Dr Firas discusses their concerns or conditions in great detail and will perform a thorough analysis of their skin and area of concern in order to formulate a bespoke treatment plan. His results adds subtle, natural enhancements that will align with the natural structures and contours of the face. Dr Firas is in great demand not just in the UK, but internationally, with patients’ expectations often exceeded whilst they are in the safest of hands and receiving the highest levels of care. 


If you have any concerns regarding your skin, or any conditions you are seeking treatment for, contact us today to arrange your consultation with Dr Firas.


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