top london dermatologist 9th November 2018

Your Top London Dermatologist

There’s no denying that Dr Firas has earned his stripes. As you may already know, he is renowned and respected among his patients and his peers all over the world, continually being asked to lecture, train and demonstrate at prestigious events and institutions on a global scale. In the past month alone, Dr Firas was invited as a guest lecturer at the 5th Candela Academy in Marbella, only to then jet off to no less 3 more destinations for further workshops and lectures. There’s a reason why he has so much influence and merit among top London dermatologist and aestheticians. With over 10 years experience and a wealth of advanced training behind him, Dr Firas now stands proud as a leading medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatologist, and a specialist in laser treatments.

Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist

This level of expertise is unrivalled, making Dr Firas a step above the rest, not only here in London’s infamous Harley Street, but across the globe. While other dermatologist might focus solely on one avenue within dermatology, Dr Firas continues to push himself further by broadening and improving upon his advanced skillset. As a medical dermatologist, he endeavours to improve your skin health by diagnosing and evaluating diseases of the skin in order to determine the best course of action moving forward.

As a cosmetic dermatologist, beauty is the primary focus as opposed to skin health, allowing Dr Firas to renew your confidence through some of the most advanced aesthetic treatments and technologies on the market. As a surgical dermatologist, any procedure that requires anaesthesia or making an incision is within reach. Surgical dermatology perfectly compliments the two previous fields in that it lifts treatment restrictions and allows for a well-rounded approach to care.

Laser Dermatologist

Dr Firas believes that you can never stop learning, which is why he always pushes himself further and encourages others to do the same through his exclusive training workshops. Having completed an abundance of advanced laser fellowships, he is one of a small handful of professionals in the UK that are certified in advanced laser resurfacing. Laser procedures are some of the safest treatment options and offer some of the highest quality results for a plethora of skin concerns, from acne and scarring to unwanted moles and birthmarks. If you’re still not convinced that Dr Firas is your top London dermatologist, don’t hesitate to visit his website to find out more, or get in touch to schedule your consultation and discuss your skin concerns.

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