28th February 2019


I suffer from hyper pigmentation which is common among Chinese / Japanese / Korean. When I was living in Shanghai, it was relatively easy get the laster treatment done. Now living in London, I tried a few clinics without success until I came across Dr Firas’ profile on line. It turns out that booking a consultation with Dr Firas was the best decision ever! Dr Firas’ diagnose and suggestions of treatment gave me great confidence. Based on previous experience in Shanghai, I known I finally find the right doctor who can treat my skin problem in London. The consultation and treatment experience was first class. Not to mention that Dr Firas’ expertise will put patients at ease immediately, Dr Firas is also very approachable and warm. More importantly, Dr Firas listens and truly appreciates my anxiety caused by the stubborn brown spots. Due to clash time schedule and equipment availability, Dr Firas went out of his way and offered to do my laser treatment on a Saturday, which was his day off. I am very grateful and moved by Dr Firas’ sense of responsibility, professionalism and his willingness to help each patient. Thank you so much, Dr Firas.
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