Symptoms of Acne 28th March 2020

Acne Treatment With London’s Best Dermatologist

It’s rare to find somebody who hasn’t been affected by acne. Synonymous with our schooldays, acne has a habit of developing during the hormonal periods of our adolescence, with unwanted breakouts a regular part of being a teenager. However, despite its associations with our formative years, acne can carry on into our adulthood and, in some cases, develop afresh when we’re in our twenties and beyond. 

But, regardless of when the appearance of acne reaches its peak, this extremely common skin condition is very often the cause of much upset and distress for those unfortunate enough to suffer from it, whether this is situated on the face, back or any other area of the body.

How is acne caused? 

Whilst there are some schools of thought that point to acne being triggered by eating certain foods, experiencing heightened levels of stress or as a side effect of specific medications, the formation of acne, at least on a medical level, is usually the result of the excessive production of oil from the sebaceous glands. When this is partnered with the skin’s occasional inability to properly dispose of its dead cells, our follicles can become blocked and comedones (known more commonly as whiteheads and blackheads) are formed.

In more severe cases of acne, sufferers develop pimples and bumps known respectively as papules and pustules. These are characterised by redness and inflammation, as well as sometimes being filled with pus. Papules and pustules often appear as a result of natural skin-based bacteria using excessively greasy skin as a sort of blemish-friendly breeding ground.

More severe forms of acne

In terms of severity, papules and pustules are rivalled only by nodules and cysts. Nodules are large, often painful lumps that sit deeper in the skin, whilst cysts are characterised by a distressingly large appearance and are usually filled with pus. It’s these forms of acne, that can often lead to symptoms of acne scarring in later life – a further confidence blow to those with the misfortune of suffering from the most extreme form of this condition. 

Treating acne effectively 

Those enduring the effects of active acne, or living with the deep and pitted scarring that severe acne can leave in its wake, are very often self-conscious individuals desperate to find a solution to this demoralising skin concern. As London’s very best dermatologist, Dr Firas Al-Niaimi has a vast and unparalleled knowledge of a large number of skin conditions and, for over ten years, has solved the problems of many patients struggling to manage the symptoms of acne and acne scarring.

Following a thorough consultation, Dr Firas will outline the best course of treatment for you and will always ensure that your individual goals, needs and wishes remain at the centre of your skincare journey. To find out more, or book your initial consultation, visit Dr Firas’s website today. 


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