16th July 2018

Your Summer Travel Skincare Guide

So many of my patients are lucky enough to have a much-needed and well-deserved Summer holiday to look forward to in the coming weeks, but with all the excitement and the planning involved, you wouldn’t be blamed if you were to overlook your skincare on your travels. This is probably the last thing on your mind during your time away, but is something that you should give some thought.

Neglecting your normal routine abroad can lead to a number of unsightly side effects rather than the healthy holiday glow you crave. Travelling from destination to destination and the changing weather conditions can cause havoc for your skin, and might be an aspect of your skincare you hadn’t even considered, until now.


It’s too easy to let your skincare slip when you’re letting your hair down, but start as you mean to go on by paying close attention to your skin health as you travel. Just a few hours on a plane can have more of an adverse effect than you might first think, as can travel by car, bus or train, for example. Air pressure and low humidity batters your skin, leaving it dull and dry, made only worse by in-flight food and drink. Maintain moisture and avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water, carrying a travel size moisturiser in your hand luggage and indulging in a hydrating face mask the night before you’re due to travel.


When we mention breakouts, your mind likely jumps straight to acne, but travel stress and exposure to germs alone can cause any number of skin conditions to flare up, from acne and rosacea, to psoriasis and eczema. To avoid unsightly break outs, don’t clog up your pores with makeup and keep your face clean by removing excess oil and dirt with a handy pack of travel face wipes.

Extremes & Routines

When you touch down to your dream travel destination, it’s highly likely that the weather and atmospheric conditions are a world away from what your skin is used to, whether blisteringly cold or swelteringly hot. Prepare for the extreme changes by tailoring your skincare routine accordingly, but remembering to stay true to what you know. Your skin has to cope with enough on your holiday, so treat it to the kind of care it’s used to and that you know works for you, remembering to always protect from sun damage and UV rays with a high SPF sunscreen.


Another common concern is a lack of colour in your face as you take to the skies, which is down to a decreased blood flow to the skin at high altitudes. Boosting blood and lymph circulation is simply a matter of gently massaging the face by hand, encouraging an influx of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells in your face.


Don’t be alarmed if you notice that your face appears more bloated once you step out into a beautiful new country. This is particularly common around the eyes and is caused by a buildup of excess fluid due to long periods of sitting down and indulging in salty travel snacks. This can be cured using a powerful under-eye cream or serum as and when required.

Dr Firas offers expert skin health checks at his Harley Street clinic, so don’t hesitate to schedule yours prior to your Summer getaway for further advice that is tailored specifically to your skincare needs! You can book a consultation or enquire via his website.

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