Subcision For Acne Scarring 7th January 2020

Subcision For Acne Scarring

Whilst it’s true that acne, in its various forms, can affect us at any point in our lives, this skin condition, often characterised by sore-looking spots, deeply-embedded comedones and sizable lumps, can have a detrimental impact on our teenage years.

Yet, although many of us manage to escape our adolescence with much clearer complexions, some people are unlucky enough to wear the memories of their spot-filled youth across all areas of their skin in the form of acne scarring.

Long removed from our school days, severe and substantial forms of acne scarring can work to lower our self-esteem and destroy our confidence in later life. But, is there a solution?

A suitable solution

With the remnants of acne etched into our faces for a seeming eternity, home remedies and over-the-counter solution are powerless to help us overcome the firmly-entrenched aftermath of this depressing skin condition. Luckily, Dr Firas, one of London’s pre-eminent consultant dermatologists, has a suitable solution: subcision.

Subcision, also known as subcutaneous incisional surgery, consists of a treatment where the skin that sits under the affected areas is punctured to allow for the insertion of a hypodermic needle. This needle cuts the fibrotic strands keeping these scars tied to the skin’s underlying tissue, intentionally inflicting damage on this target area to ignite the body’s natural healing processes. After new supplies of collagen are called forth, the skin gradually appears smoother and the prominence of these scars is lessened significantly.

How can subcision help?

Subcision can prove highly effective in helping those suffering from acne scarring in overcoming its lingering effects, with regular repeat treatments advised to ensure that optimum results are achieved. Owing to how quickly and safely this procedure can be performed, it shouldn’t be necessary for patients to set aside much time to recover from this treatment and any bruising or swelling should disappear within a few days.

In terms of overall effectiveness, subcision very often acts as a form of pre-treatment that prepares the skin to undergo more substantial laser resurfacing procedures and can improve the chances of this follow-up procedure in producing those much-desired, life-changing results.

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