14th December 2017

Expert Skincare Advice For Acne-Prone Skin

Active Acne

Active acne can be an extremely difficult skin condition to live with, both physically and mentally. It is a common condition that affects almost all of us in some form throughout our lives. It causes various types of spots to appear on our skin, most commonly on the face, back and chest areas.

Some sufferers experience more severe cases than others, and it can be very difficult to take control of the condition without professional help. While there is no definitive cure, treatments such as laser skin resurfacing have been known to work wonders in reducing the appearance of acne, as well as preventing future breakouts. There is an abundance of over the counter treatment options available on the market, but it is often hard to find one that works for you, if at all.

Dr Firas offers a number of advanced acne treatments, as well as expert advice to make living with acne a little bit easier.

Helpful Tips For Acne Skincare

On my Top Doctors profile, you can find a really in-depth article about building a good skincare routine for acne prone skin.

As acne increases the amount of oil that your skin produces, it is best to use a daily exfoliator that reduces this oil, as well as oil-free, water-based make up. It’s important to limit the amount of cosmetics you use so as not to aggravate your condition further, but products labelled as non-comedogenic are less likely to block up your pores.

Make sure you fully remove all of your make up before you sleep at night in order to avoid irritation. In terms of moisturiser, Dr Firas recommends finding a hydrating product that won’t leave that oily shine. Light, serum-based moisturisers work best, and some foam based products are also good for cleansing acne prone skin. If your skin is particularly oily, you can use a toner to try and regulate these levels. On the other hand, you might experience drier skin than most, in which case you should try a water-based, fragrance-free emollient to combat this.

Another top tip is to apply a Vitamin A cream over night to restore your skin and prevent further acne outbreaks.

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If you are particularly concerned about your acne, don’t hesitate in booking a skincare consultation with Dr Firas at his private practice in Harley Street, London. He will fully assess your skin and your condition to determine the best course of action, including whether you’d benefit from expert acne treatments like laser skin resurfacing. As a leading expert dermatologist and laser specialist, no one is more capable to treat your acne and help you regain your confidence!

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