skin tag removal 27th April 2020

Skin Tag Removal in London

Our skin is prone to the development of all sorts of conditions, some more severe than others. But, in between the likes of acne, psoriasis and eczema, the emergence of skin tags on particular areas of our bodies is one of the most curious. 

Unlike other conditions, skin tags are largely painless and their appearance is seldom an indication of a more serious underlying health problem. Yet, that doesn’t mean that their formation on our skin is anything less than upsetting. In a world where many people are extremely sensitive about how they look, skin tags can result in a severe loss of confidence and prevent people from feeling comfortable with who they are.

What are skin tags?

Often brown or flesh-coloured, skin tags usually emerge on parts of our skin due to the friction caused by two nearby parts of the skin rubbing together. This friction can also be further aggravated by wearing tight clothes. With this in mind, it’s common for skin tags to occur in places such as the eyelids, underarms, groin, neck and chest. They can vary in size, too, with some small enough to avoid visual detection and some nearer in size to that of a grape. 

Medically, skin tags are normally non-cancerous and should have little effect on the overall skin health of those affected. However, the prominent manner in which these harmless tumours hang off the skin can be quite disheartening for those who develop them – an estimated 25% of people!

Are some people more prone to skin tags? 

Whilst skin tags appear somewhat indiscriminately on the skin of those affected by them, there are a number of risk factors that can make some people more susceptible to their development. Usually forming as a result of skin-to-skin contact, skin tags may appear more frequently on those who are overweight. Diabetes can also make people more prone to skin tags, with pregnancy, and its gamut of hormonal changes, also another potential risk factor. In other cases, skin tags are simply hereditary. 

Skin tag removal 

Although mostly a cosmetic concern, skin tags can play so much on the confidence of those plagued by them that surgical intervention may be an option. Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, renowned London dermatologist, is a specialist in the removal of unwanted skin tags and will work with you to devise an individual treatment plan to suit your every need. In some cases, skin tags can be removed by excision, which involves the use of a scalpel, or by cryosurgery, a process in which the tag is frozen off.

During an initial consultation, Dr Firas will assess your individual skin concern and discuss your treatment options with you in detail. To find out more, and to book in for skin tag removal with one of London’s finest dermatologists, visit Dr Firas’s website today. 

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