Reducing the Appearance of Stretch Marks with Dr Firas 11th February 2020

Reducing the Appearance of Stretch Marks with Dr Firas

It’s a humbling fact that even the most exciting periods of our life can have their downsides. For many, pregnancy, losing weight and the carefree days of youth are moments to be cherished. But one negative phenomenon can unite all of these great life events – the appearance of stretch marks on our skin.


How do stretch marks occur?

Stretch marks normally arrive on our skin during periods of rapid growth or weight loss/gain. It’s little surprise then that most of us fall prey to these highly-visible red/purple blemishes during pregnancy, weight loss or within our adolescence. It’s here that the natural elasticity of our skin becomes compromised, with collagen and elastin – the proteins that assume responsibility for our skin’s suppleness – pushed into working overtime in a hopeless attempt to keep up with such accelerated changes in body size. 

The formation of stretch marks takes place in the skin’s middle layer, the dermis. Unfortunately, this means that even when they have faded with the passing of time, they’ll always be noticeable. But, fear not, with Dr Firas, many patients are finding an effective solution to reducing the appearance of their stretch marks. 


How can stretch marks affect us?

Whilst it should be noted that stretch marks pose no physical harm to those affected by them, the mental torment that they can impose on their sufferers is well-documented. A great many of us struggle with issues of body image and stretch marks, notable for their distinctive appearance on our abdomen, thighs, breasts and arms, can very often only fan the fire of our most deeply-felt hangups. 

In some cases, stretch marks can restrict people from doing the things that they love. This can include physical activities such as swimming and wearing clothes that show off specific areas of flesh.


Laser stretch mark removal

There is a solution. With laser stretch mark removal, many people are reclaiming their confidence and feeling more like themselves. This form of laser treatment works by targeting the affected areas of skin with laser energy. This breaks down damaged tissue, forces blood vessels to collapse and encourages new production of collagen, resulting in skin that appears smoother and rejuvenated and leaving stretch marks much less prominent in colour and visibility, fading more noticeably over a course of treatments.

Choose Dr Firas for laser stretch mark removal

For over ten years, Dr Firas has dedicated himself to helping his patients smooth out their skin concerns and recapture the lost confidence associated with such demoralising conditions. Following a thorough consultation, Dr Firas will oversee every step of your laser stretch mark removal journey. 

Choose Dr Firas for a non-invasive, no-surgery-required solution to a wellbeing-shattering problem.


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