Private Dermatologist 23rd May 2023

The Benefits Of A Private Dermatologist

When it comes to your skin, there’s often nowhere to hide. As the biggest organ in our bodies, your skin is usually on show for the world to see, which can make living with certain conditions particularly difficult, such as active acne and rosacea. At other times, you may have spent years trying to get to the bottom of your symptoms with little to no success, which is where a private dermatologist like Dr Firas comes in.

Speedy Treatment

Probably the most obvious benefit of a private dermatologist is the speed at which you can make your appointments. The NHS is a wonderful service that we are so lucky to have in this country, but it’s no secret that the system is currently struggling to meet the demands of the British public. Even for an initial consultation, wait times can be months and months, which means eventual treatment could take years. With a private dermatologist, there’s no agonising wait and you’ll be on a fast track to healthier skin and a happier you.

Specialised Treatment

When you do finally manage to get a dermatology appointment through public healthcare, it can be soul-destroying after having to wait all that time only to be told that your consultant isn’t quite sure what the problem is. Skin is very complex and often requires a trained and experienced specialist to diagnose certain conditions. Having to be referred on through the system can delay your treatment even further. A private dermatologist is usually a multi-disciplined expert who is capable of identifying and treating a multitude of skin concerns, or at least has access to an in-house team to aid in this process.

You Are In Control

While the NHS is accessible to everyone, it might not always feel that way due to the pressure the service is under and the effect this is having on patients nationwide. You have almost immediate access to a private dermatologist as and when you need it, putting you in control of your care rather than leaving it in the hands of overworked doctors and nurses. The ability to see exactly who you need and when you need them is empowering and fills you with confidence as you believe in your treatment and care, and feel as though the process is centred around you, which it is.

Your Private Dermatologist

When you’re looking for a reputable and reliable private dermatologist, you’ll struggle to find anyone better than Dr Firas. As a world-renowned professor of dermatology and lasers, he boasts unrivalled training and experience that allows him to get to the bottom of your skin concerns. At his Harley Street clinic in London, he has access to the most advanced treatment options on the market, including the latest technologies. His proficiency in laser treatments has taken him all around the world to share his knowledge with his peers through workshops, seminars and training sessions.

Take the first step today by getting in touch to schedule a consultation. Our friendly team is always on hand to help and we look forward to welcoming you to Dr Firas’ clinic. You can also follow Dr Firas on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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