Mesotherapy is a well-known skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatment. 18th February 2020

Mesotherapy: What Is It and How Can It Benefit You?

In the persistent winter cold, it can seem like there’s little to shout about. With such adverse weather doing our skin absolutely no favours and leaving us with dull, flaking complexions, it’s little surprise that we can struggle with issues of self-consciousness during the coldest period of the year. 

But this season isn’t solely to blame. A broad spectrum of skin concerns can be put down to various other non-winter-based health, genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors, meaning that, for many of us, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, cellulite and inflammation are very often unavoidable. 

Mesotherapy can prove the perfect solution to managing a large selection of skin faults. But just what is it and how can it benefit you?



Mesotherapy is a well-known skin rejuvenation and body contouring treatment. Comprised of a careful mixture of vitamins, minerals, hormones, plant extracts and enzymes, mesotherapy treatments vary from patient to patient and are specifically designed to address the needs of the individual. 

Administered into the middle layer – or mesodermal layer – of the skin, these treatments work to tackle skin problems from within. As external issues can very often arrive due to poor circulation and the presence of inflammation, the process of targeting this from within can lead to a significant improvement in the outward appearance of our skin. 


What is mesotherapy suitable for?

Over the course of several non-invasive procedures, mesotherapy is notable for correcting the appearance of weary-looking, lacklustre skin and leaving patients with an extremely desirable radiance and glow. 

The cocktail of ingredients featured in every mesotherapy solution can, amongst other things, stimulate collagen production, improve hydration and take the fight to inflammation. This is why skin concerns as diverse as acne scarring, sagging, wrinkles, cellulite and hyperpigmentation can be combatted as part of this treatment. Skin aside, mesotherapy can also be a useful method of managing hair loss.


Dr Firas’s mesotherapy treatments

Everyone is an individual and, as such, Dr Firas is all-too-aware of the differing needs and expectations of each one of his patients. Following a comprehensive one-to-one consultation, Dr Firas will advise on the best course of mesotherapy treatments for you. This means that the ingredients contained in your mesotherapy solutions will be unique to you and will give you the best chance of tackling the persistent skin problems affecting your confidence and wellbeing.

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