31st October 2018

Your Winter Skincare Guide

Winter is well on it’s way, not that you’d know it with the unpredictable UK weather, but make no mistake that the cold snap is definitely coming. As the seasons change and the weather shifts, so should your skincare routine to help your delicate skin cope with the harsh winds and the freezing temperatures. Here are just some of the ways I recommend you alter your daily regimen to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant throughout the Winter months and also visit you London Skin Health Doctor with any concerns.


This is the golden rule of any strong skincare regimen, and it’s just as important in Winter as it is during the Summer season. Keep applying your suncream throughout winter to exposed areas of skin, particularly the face, neck, arms and hands. While the UVB levels do decrease in Winter, skin damage can still easily occur and UVA levels remaining the skin, having significant ageing effects. I recommend a minimum SPF of 30 and applying regularly throughout the day.

Gentle Cleansing

If you notice that your skin feels tight after washing it, it might be that you need to invest in a gentler cleanser as your current one may be having a rather detrimental effect on your skin barrier. You should only need to moisturiser once in the morning and once at night as part of your daily skincare regimen, as a healthy skin barrier offers vital moisture retention and hydration throughout the day.

Small Changes

Something as simple as swapping your favourite lotion to a similar cream throughout the colder months can help hydrate your skin throughout the day. Ointments and balms can protect and seal chapped lips, preventing further aggravation, while applying a generous layer of hand cream overnight can remedy dryness and restore your natural skin barrier.

Winter Skin Treatments

Seize the opportunity to schedule your next skin treatment as the year starts to wind down. In warmer, brighter months, some treatments have a high risk of post-procedure side effects when the skin is exposed to sun damage, especially expert laser treatments. Although you might loathe the Winter weather, take advantage and indulge in a beauty-boosting skin treatment, but be sure to schedule yours as early as possible so that your skin has fully healed come party season. Similarly, now might be the best time to begin your laser hair removal treatments to ensure your skin is silky smooth in time to hit the beaches next Summer.

For further expert advice, or to discuss your next treatment here at my Harley Street practice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your London Skin Health Doctor and schedule your consultation today. As a leading dermatologist and laser expert, I offer an abundance of advanced skin treatments as well as handy skin health assessments.

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