26th July 2019

Dr Firas – Why is Botox®️ Good For Rosacea?

So, how can London Botox help with Rosacea?…

Rosacea has often been referred to as much more aggressive form of acne; however, the symptoms entirely differ, making this a common misconception of the condition. Unlike acne, Rosacea is a skin disease that causes a noticeable flushing of redness and swelling, typically across the forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. This is due to your blood vessels dilating, which results in a permanent flushed appearance in the skin. Sufferers have claimed that their condition is triggered by certain factors, such as sunlight, stress, exercise, extreme temperatures or alcohol, and experience a frequent stinging and burning sensation in their skin as a result of the swelling. This condition is characterised by its unsightly appearance, and can cause a hindrance in the sufferers’ self-esteem and confidence.  

Why Choose Botox®️?

Botox®️ also performs effective results for other conditions besides anti-ageing, and aids to combat physical insecurities such as: calf-slimming, hyperhidrosis and bruxism. It is also effective in the treatment of Rosacea; the injections work by hindering the dilation of the blood vessels and blocking the immune cells that cause an inflammatory response, which as a result diminishes the appearance of red, flushed skin – gradually restoring a polished, smoother and revitalised complexion!


Your Treatment Experience With Dr Firas

At his clinic in Harley Street, London, Dr Firas offers Botox®️ treatment to patients suffering with Rosacea. Undergoing treatment with Dr Firas means you are being placed in the safest of hands of one of London’s most reputable dermatologists.


For further information and to schedule your consultation with Dr Firas in order to devise your bespoke treatment plan, get in contact today.


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