Lip Fillers London 14th December 2018

The Perfect Lips

When it comes to your lips, nobody wants a pencil-thin pout, nor do we want an unnaturally large finish. So what exactly defines the perfect lips? It’s about finding that ideal shape and balance that complements your existing face shape and structure rather than going over the top with excessive and unnecessary treatments. It’s very much a case of “less is more”, which is an approach that Dr Firas is confident in, and an approach that is backed by a historic concept known as the “Golden Ratio”.

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is referenced as early as 490BC during the construction of the Pantheon and has been seen in an abundance of legendary works of art and architecture since. Usually rounded to 1 : 1.6, the Golden Ratio is considered to produce pleasingly-harmonious proportions and can even be find to occur in nature, such as in the arrangement of plant branches and certain chemical arrangements. In terms of aesthetics and the use of the Golden Ratio within lip filler treatments, Dr Firas draws upon years of training and experience to perfectly balance the size your lips during your expert treatment, with the best results occurring when the lower lip is approximately 1.6 times bigger than the upper lip.

Enhancing the Lips with Dr Firas

Volumising the lips from within restores a more youthful appearance, eliminating fine lines and restoring lost volume while also encouraging the production of youthful proteins, such as collagen and elastin. This encourages youthful skin behaviour and allows for long-term skin rejuvenation. Dr Firas understands your limitations as a patient and takes a very bespoke, holistic approach to treatment and care that is unrivalled elsewhere. Your experience at his Harley Street Clinic is tailored specifically to your wants and needs, helping you to achieve highly effective lip rejuvenation that looks natural and effortless.

Any professional aesthetician or dermatologist with the necessary training and experience, like Dr Firas, would advise against dramatic and unnatural results. It’s so important to do your research prior to treatment to avoid unwanted results and complications. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more, ask any questions that you might have and schedule your consultation today!

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