Laser vBeam London 21st November 2018

Laser Treatments in London – vBeam

In a growing modern aesthetics industry, laser treatments are proving to be some of the safest and most reliable among an abundance of other options, from injectables to more invasive techniques. In fact, laser treatments offer an effective solution to long-term skin concerns that you might otherwise think were impossible to treat, such as acne scarring and stretch marks. These concerns can seriously impact your happiness and confidence in your skin, implicating even the smallest aspects of your daily routine. But when it comes to laser treatments, the highest levels of safety and quality must come first. Managing such advanced equipment takes a trained and experienced laser specialist, such as Dr Firas, who only uses the gold standard in aesthetic pulsed-dye laser technology.

Laser vBeam London

Patients often waste countless hours and funds on looking for an effective over-the-counter solution to skin concerns such as those mentioned above, solutions that, more often than not, simply don’t exist. Finding a solution that works for your skin is notoriously difficult, but Vbeam Perfecta from Syneron Candela offers real results for all skin types and colours. As the world’s best selling pulsed-dye laser, Vbeam has been proven to be highly safe, with little to no side effects post-treatment. The laser boasts versatile energy outputs and the widest variety of pulse widths, treatment spot sizes and treatment indications, allowing for a bespoke, personalised approach to care. A smart handpiece and intuitive touch screen system are designed for efficiency and comfort, and Patented DCD™ Cooling is inbuilt to minimise your discomfort during treatment.

The most advanced technology

The most advanced technology paired with the experience and the capabilities of your leading London dermatologist makes for unrivalled skincare and an unforgettable patient experience. What you might not know is that Dr Firas is among a very small number of professionals here in the UK that are certified in advanced laser skin resurfacing. As a laser specialist, Dr Firas has a real passion for laser techniques and optimising your results through a highly tailored treatment plan suited specifically to you and your needs. He regularly lectures, trains and demonstrates at prestigious congresses and live workshops throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. To schedule your consultation, get in touch via the details provided here on Dr Firas’ official website.

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