12th October 2018

The Laser Skin Lift

Dr Firas wants nothing short of the highest standard of care for his patients, a promise he intends to keep by continually strengthening his advanced range of premium treatments here at his Harley Street practice in London. They say you can never stop learning your craft, a mantra that Dr Firas certainly upholds when it comes to his reputation as a leading dermatologist.

Only by improving upon his existing expertise and adding new strings to his bow can he continue to offer an unrivalled level of skincare. Not only that, but he is also world-renowned as a leading laser specialist, pioneering the latest treatment innovations and offering the best possible results for his patients. Results that were once only plausible through extensive cosmetic surgery can now be achieved via non-invasive laser technology, from resurfacing and scar treatment to pigmentation correction. The latest addition to his laser repertoire will give your skin that much-needed anti-ageing lift without having to go under the knife.

Facial Rejuvenation

Laser skin tightening is the next generation of facial rejuvenation. Without damaging the surrounding tissue, highly precise beams of thermal energy are used to heat collagen proteins deep within the skin. Consequently, the skin contracts and tightens, minimising the appearance of unwanted aspects of premature ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, folds and creases, sagging and bagging. Ageing skin is inevitable, especially around the face and the neck as these areas are more susceptible to sun damage, environmental factors, and lifestyle implications. This is, in part, due to the fact that the skin in these areas is more often than not exposed more than elsewhere on the body, but also because it is particularly thin and delicate in certain areas of the face and neck.

Long-Lasting Results

Collagen and elastin proteins, found within the connective tissues, encourage youthful skin behaviour, allowing skin to spring back to its original position after having been stretched or pulled. Over time, these proteins diminish, a process accelerated by the factors mentioned above, and therefore initiates the onset of wrinkling and premature ageing. By heating the collagen proteins throughout this treatment, the technology is also cleverly encouraging the production of new, healthy collagen, which sees your remarkable results last much longer and only improve further in the weeks and months that follow.

As a renowned laser expert, Dr Firas is regularly called upon to tour the world and share his knowledge with his peers through lectures at prestigious congresses and institutions, as well as treatment workshops and live demonstrations. Place your care in the best hands and schedule your laser skin tightening consultation in London today. You’ll notice almost instant results, for youthful skin that looks naturally lifted and firm, with a smooth tone and a radiant complexion!

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