Laser Resurfacing London 11th December 2019

Restore Your Skin To Its Vibrant Best With Dr Firas

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and assorted skin blemishes all conspire to give us some real hang-ups over how we look, and how others perceive us. And, even though society has evolved to focus on the positive aspects of every individual, the occurrence of a cluster of skin conditions can still impose on us a lack of confidence and self-esteem as well as feelings of great distress, anxiety and unhappiness.

There are a great many tried-and-tested methods of managing these signs and symptoms of ageing and skin conditions, from home remedies to dietary choice and over-the-counter products. Yet, the only real way to address these issues for good is to consult a dermatologist, who will be able to advise on the aesthetic or cosmetic treatments you need to start feeling more like yourself again.

Laser Resurfacing

Amongst the most effective of these skin treatments are Laser Resurfacing procedures. As a procedure designed to help you strip away the skin blemished by age or lifestyle and environmental factors, Laser Resurfacing can be carried out in two different levels of intensity. 

For those looking to target those more ingrained signs of ageing, such as deeper wrinkles and lines, the CO2 laser is the most advisable course of treatment. Using short, pulsed light energy to remove the upper layers of skin and keep heat damage to a minimum, the CO2 laser’s effectiveness lies in its power to ignite the skin’s natural regenerative processes and leave your skin looking refreshed, smoother and just like new. Working at a deeper level means that some downtime may be required after undergoing CO2 treatment, which is why this is only advised for those seeking a complete skin overhaul.

For a less intense procedure, those whose skin insecurities revolve around the appearance of more superficial and less prominent lines and wrinkles should opt for Erbium laser treatment. As this works at the surface level, it is not designed to target more stubborn lines and wrinkles but less obvious skin concerns that may develop into harder-to-manage signs of ageing over time. With this, of course, comes a quicker recovery time and less uncomfortable side effects than the painful bruising and swelling that the CO2 laser can leave in its wake.

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Dr Firas is adept at helping patients the world over restore their skin to its vibrant best with Laser Resurfacing. As a world-renowned consultant dermatologist based on Harley Street, patients can be assured they’ll be in safe hands with him for any Laser Resurfacing procedure, whether CO2 or Erbium.


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