Dermatology Treatments 15th March 2023

The Best Dermatology Treatments To Book In Spring

It’s official – spring is in the air! If you’re considering scheduling a consultation with Dr Firas, it’s worth remembering that certain dermatology treatments are better suited to certain times of the year, and spring is no exception. Take advantage of the milder months to get ahead of your skincare goals!

Reawaken Your Skin This Spring

Say goodbye to the winter blues and make way for the season of new beginnings. With themes of rebirth and rejuvenation, you might be feeling inspired to make some positive changes in your own life. If you’ve been meaning to take back control of your skin, now is the time to do so as spring is the perfect season to book some of Dr Firas’s most popular dermatology treatments, from injectables to lasers.

Each year, there’s often a trend towards booking skincare procedures off the back of resolutions and the ‘new year, new me’ mantra, but it’s arguably worth waiting a little longer for the weather to warm up a bit and the surge of bookings to decrease. However, now that you’re in on this little springtime skincare secret, be sure to book in plenty of time to avoid disappointment! Here’s what Dr Firas recommends…

Must-Have Springtime Dermatology Treatments

Laser Treatments (skin resurfacing and hair removal)

  • While Dr Firas uses the most advanced technology to minimise your discomfort and downtime, laser treatments still leave your skin more sensitive than usual, putting you at a heightened risk of UV damage. Also, most laser treatments require several monthly sessions to see optimal, long-term results. By booking now, you’ll see results in time for the summer months.


  • After months of cold, harsh weather, your skin is crying out for a boost of hydration. Profhilo is often compared to a dermal filler when, in fact, it is a unique injectable that boasts bio-remodelling properties. With the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market, Profhilo deeply hydrates, lifts and reinvigorates the skin.


  • Similarly to laser dermatology treatments, Microneedling leaves your complexion susceptible to increased sun damage for up to 2 weeks post-treatment. That’s why it proves beneficial to consider this treatment in the springtime. Microneedling is disruptive by nature, creating highly precise channels of tiny punctures across the target area, which is known as controlled trauma. This encourages natural healing processes to take place and increases the production of new, healthy collagen proteins for a brighter, smoother complexion.

Trust Dr Firas

It’s time for a fresh start for your skin! If you’re considering any of the dermatology treatments mentioned above, or perhaps something we haven’t talked about here, your best option is to schedule a consultation with Dr Firas. He is one of the leading dermatologists not only in London but in the UK and the wider world. He is regularly invited to lecture and train his peers across the globe, lending them his experience and expertise.

To book an appointment, call 07494 764 201 or get in touch here. Alternatively, email Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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