Dermal Fillers: Cheek Augmentation with Dr Firas 5th March 2020

Dermal Fillers: Cheek Augmentation with Dr Firas

Without our cheeks, where would we be? In partnership with our lips, they form part of an important facial team dedicated to helping us to fulfil a variety of everyday tasks, including, but not exclusive to, eating, speaking, kissing and performing facial expressions.

Yet, after a lifetime of use, these facial features can end up looking more than a little worse for wear. Constant activity can leave us with cheeks that appear deflated, worn, hollow, sagging and with a loss in volume only rivalled by the sharp dip in confidence we can experience as a result of ill-proportioned, less-than-defined faces.


Dermal fillers for cheeks

Dr Firas is revered for the quality and precision of his range of dermal filler treatments and is very often the first name on the list for patients looking into the prospect of cheek augmentation. With time and activity, our reserves of collagen and elastin – proteins vital to the preservation of skin elasticity – experience a sharp decline. This leads to an increase in saggy, creased and wrinkled skin, and cheeks that appear flat, lacking in definition and suffering from a very visible loss of volume.

By using fillers to ensure that your cheeks become fuller, smoother and undergo improvements in dimension and shape, Dr Firas has helped many patients enjoy a joyous and refreshing cheek-based revitalisation.


What can I expect from cheek augmentation?

Cheek augmentation consists of making use of dermal fillers comprised of hyaluronic acid. Introducing supplies of this natural substance into specific areas of the face can bring about a recognisable change in the shape and structure of our face, owing to the reignition of those all-important collagen and elastin reserves.

Lifting the skin from within, cheek fillers have ensured that many patients have been left not only with a significant enhancement in appearance, but with an unmissable smile on their faces. With Dr Firas, you can expect to undergo a comprehensive pre-treatment consultation and it’s here that your individual treatment plan will be drawn up, with each part of the procedure explained in fine detail.

Whilst the effects of this treatment may vary from patient to patient, this procedure is quite often painless and will normally last no longer than 45 minutes. And with results visible for up to six months, there’s a lot to be gained from booking in for a consultation.


Dr Firas: Cheek filler specialist

As an incredibly experienced and world-renowned dermatologist, Dr Firas has guided many patients through their journeys back to confidence and fresher, younger-looking skin. A professional and personable practitioner, he’s administered a wide range of dermal fillers over his many years in the aesthetic and cosmetics industries.

For cheek augmentation treatment from one of London’s finest dermatologists, choose Dr Firas! Visit his website today to learn more.

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