coronavirus 20th May 2020

How Dr Firas Is Working Through COVID-19

With much of the world in lockdown and under restriction due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have had to make significant changes to how we work and live. And, as these strict safety measures begin to be gradually relaxed, it could still be a good while until we all return to what we’ve come to refer to as “normal”.

During this global outbreak, Dr Firas, as one of the world’s top dermatologists, has also had to adapt his way of working to ensure that those who rely on his services and treatments are still able to get the advice, support and intervention that they need to ensure of optimum skin health throughout this uncertain time.

So, just how has Dr Firas been able to alter his approach to successfully work through COVID-19? Find out more below.

Online consultations

In this period of limited social contact and the closure of non-essential business premises, it’s been difficult for many people with skincare needs to access the advice and support that they need. In accordance with his unfailing commitment to patient care and happiness, Dr Firas has been proud to hold online consultations to help patients through any cosmetic, dermatology or laser matter, offering reassurance and encouragement in the face of this challenging situation.

This service is still available and you can schedule your consultation here.

Laser safety guidance

As an immensely knowledgeable figure in the world of dermatology, Dr Firas has had a significant amount of writing published and is well-known as a speaker at many high-profile dermatology events. During this pandemic, he has been integral in drafting laser safety guidance for COVID-19 on an international scale, giving his knowledge and experience to such a worthy and critical cause.

Latest publication

Building on his reputation for publishing papers on important dermatological topics, Dr Firas’ most recent paper – Noncutanteous considerations of Covid-19 for dermatology practices – focuses on which steps can be taken by medical dermatologists to ensure that patients with ongoing skin needs receive the care and support they require during lockdown.

You can read this in more detail on Dr Firas’ Instagram page.

As the world slowly begins moving again, we can be optimistic about where we stand in the battle against Covid-19.
Please stay tuned to Dr Firas’ social media feeds and website for updates about when he will once again be accepting physical appointments and be sure to get in contact with his team in order to secure your online consultation.

For now, stay safe, stay alert and look after each other.

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