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Chin Fillers With Dr Firas

Opinions are split on the function of the human chin. Some suggest that chins exist to shield our faces from the stress placed on them by the mouthing of certain words. Others see them as important muscles to cope with the actions and effects of chewing. They may also help us to determine the attractiveness of a potential mate.

But, whatever chins are truly responsible for, it can definitely be agreed that they are hugely important for all aspects of daily living.

Reasons for opting for chin fillers

The chin’s prominent place on the human visage can make these a pain point for patients. Many feel that their chins are not properly in proportion with the rest of their face, and are either too small or short in relation to their other facial features. This can lead to a sharp dip in confidence, happiness and wellbeing and could make people incredibly conscious of how they appear to others.

Due to the excessive strain placed on the chin every day by the factors mentioned previously, this part of the face can become hugely overworked and show the effects of everyday living more readily than other areas of the body. Add to this the natural decline in the body’s production of collagen and elastin as we age, and we’re left with a chin that looks worn out, bereft of vigour and lacking in definition.

What are dermal fillers and how do these help?

Dermal fillers, used to treat a variety of dermatological concerns, are non-surgical, injectable procedures that can be extremely helpful in helping to reverse chin sagging, re-introduce volume to the chin, strengthen the patient’s profile and create a fresher, more youthful facial appearance.

As a non-invasive process, patients will be left with no cuts, incisions or scarring as the skin is plumped up over the course of a short appointment which should range in length between 25 and 40 minutes. An optional anaesthetic is offered to reduce any potential discomfort from the treatment, and patients rarely experience any downtime with most able to return to their daily routines immediately. Further treatments should be undertaken every 4-6 months to maximise results.

Contact Dr Firas

Although dermal fillers are extremely safe, they should only be administered by trusted and trained medical professionals. Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, world-leading consultant dermatologist, has a wealth of experience in carrying out dermal filler procedures and is best-placed to see you through the entirety of your chin filler treatment, always keeping patients’ needs at the heart of his work.

Book your consultation with Dr Firas today and start your chin filler journey in safe hands.

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