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Botox for Rosacea

Since the discovery of a highly purified form of the botulinum toxin by a San Francisco doctor in the 1970’s, Botox has gone from strength to strength not only in terms of its use for subtle cosmetic anti-aging, but for a number of other uses also. Word of mouth first propelled Botox into the limelight in the 1990’s when rumours of its cosmetic side effects as an injectable treatment spread like wildfire. By 2002, injectable wrinkle injections were finally approved by the FDA and the treatment took the world by storm, with such a high demand still being felt today. In the years since, Botox has been found to offer effective results for a number of other concerns, such as stunting overactive jaw muscles to minimise jaw clenching and teeth grinding, not to mention as a solution to excessive sweating. Dr Firas offers injectable Botox treatments for all of the above concerns, and now he’s adding another string to his bow in the form of using Botox for Rosacea and as a treatment.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin concern that usually tends to affect the middle of the face in areas such as the nose and across the cheeks. Redness and swelling are the two most common symptoms experience by almost all sufferers, making for a rather unsightly appearances. These symptoms tend to go through periods of “flushing” before potentially developing into a persistent problem. In some cases, rosacea is confused with types of acne as pimpling can sometimes occur, but the two conditions are entirely different and require a bespoke approach to treatment. Rosacea can leave sufferers feeling highly self-conscious, struggling to maintain all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and social schedule without feeling the negative mental impact of their condition.

Botox For Rosacea

With no definitive cause, it has been notoriously difficult to treat rosacea in the past, with topical treatments and medications offering little to no improvement for too many patients. However, new research now suggests that Botox injections now offer effective and reliable results by injecting into the superficial layer of the skin with the intention to stunt blood vessel dilation and minimise blood flow to reduce your symptoms. This non-surgical procedure is safe and offers long-term results for sufferers that had all but given up hope.

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