Birthmark Removal London 29th November 2018

Birthmark Removal

A birthmark is an irregular blemish on the surface of the skin that is usually present from birth or can develop soon afterwards. While most of them of entirely harmless, certain complications in very rare instances mean that sufferers have to seek medical treatment, whereas many other patients seek cosmetic treatment purely based on the undesirable appearance of their birthmark.

What Causes Birthmarks?

Birthmarks vary greatly in characteristics such as size, shape, texture and colour, but most can be categorised as either vascular birthmarks or pigmented birthmarks. The first of these types manifest as a result of abnormal blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin, while the latter is caused by certain pigmentation concerns where pigmented cells cluster together.

As you can imagine, this often poses negative implications for sufferers in terms of general happiness and self-confidence, having a profound impact on your day-to-day life. This is particularly the case when it comes to very visible birthmarks in exposed areas, such as the face, arms and legs. However, as mentioned above, there are treatment options available to you to help eliminate unwanted birthmarks and help you to regain your confidence and love for your skin.

Treating Birthmarks with Dr Firas

After an in-depth consultation and thorough skin assessment, Dr Firas – one of London’s leading dermatologists and laser specialists – often recommends highly advanced laser treatment. Safe and effective, laser technology offers some of the best results for skincare treatments in the current aesthetics market. To see the best results for birthmark removal, a course of 3 – 5 regular treatments has allowed patients in the past to see a staggering 80% reduction in birthmark visibility, exceeding all prior expectations.

It’s only natural to have initial reservations when it comes to cosmetic treatment, but modern advancements allow for undeniable results without the need for surgical techniques and debilitating downtime and recovery. Laser treatments certainly fall under this umbrella, but any and all questions that you’re likely to have can be answered by scheduling your consultation today!

Dr Firas pioneers an attentive, personalised approach to treatment and care that you can have confidence, offering an outstanding patient experience and making you feel entirely at ease. In the heart of London’s private medical district, Dr Firas’ Harley Street Clinic is in constant high demand, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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