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All About The Katie Piper Foundation

Who is Katie Piper?

Katie Piper is a television presenter and model who was attacked with industrial strength sulphuric acid in March 2008. The attacker was hired by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend who resented the end of their relationship. Katie has made a long and difficult journey to recovery since then, still requiring surgery to clear blockages caused by scar tissue developing in her oesophagus as a consequence of swallowing some of the acid thrown into her face. Katie has endured more than 40 procedures, including surgery, in order to reconstruct her face. The results achieved by cosmetic treatments for Katie are truly remarkable.

What does the Foundation do?

The primary focus of the Katie Piper Foundation is to offer support and guidance to individuals who are suffering from the consequences of burn injuries and the scarring and hair loss that can occur as a result. The Foundation is a charity, which does not offer specific advice to individuals, but signposts them towards organisations and medical specialists who can offer practical means to help them to recover. It also publishes a medical journal called Scars, Burns and Healing, which are all aspects of Dr Firas Al-Niaimi’s special interests. Contributors are medical experts in a wide range of disciplines which support and encourage skin healing. Some innovative procedures and techniques have actually first been discussed in this publication.


Scars are left on the skin after an injury has healed. They are a consequence of an increase in a protein called collagen, found in the skin, which occurs in high concentrations at the site of a wound in order to aid the healing process. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and protects us from infection, so the body works hard to mend any breaks in its protective seal. The collagen causes the scar to become raised, and often angry looking, as healing progresses. Eventually, most of the collagen will break down and the scar will settle and fade, a process that usually takes about two years. Although the scar will become smoother and softer, it will never completely disappear.

There are many types of scars, but The Katie Piper Foundation is primarily concerned with contracture scars caused by the skin tightening and shrinking; usually occurring after a burn. Contracture scars can often significantly restrict movement in the affected area.

Are there any effective treatments for scarring?

It is possible to make scars less visible and to significantly improve their appearance, as is evidenced by the truly amazing results that Katie Piper has experienced, and also many of Dr Firas Al-Niami’s incredible results (link to before and afters) from his procedures. Treatments might include the use of silicone gel sheets which are applied to reduce swelling, corticosteroid injections, camouflage make-up, laser procedures, and often surgery. Individuals can opt to combine these and other procedures provided by skilled cosmetic dermatologists and other experts, in order to improve their appearance following injury.

For more information on how Dr Firas Al-Niaimi can treat scarring, please click here.

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