Alcohol On Skin 7th December 2021

Dry January: The Effects of Alcohol On Skin

After an over-indulgent festive period, many of us pledge to start the new year in a healthier way by making New Year’s resolutions and cutting out our vices. For a lot of people, this might be alcohol, especially with the widely popular Dry January movement increasing in popularity.  Aside from the obvious benefits of minimising your alcohol intake, you might be surprised to learn that alcohol consumption can cause problems for your skin. After all, what’s going on inside your body always has an impact on how you look on the outside.  Here are just a few of the effects of alcohol on skin that you can work to reduce in the new year.




It’s no secret that alcohol is dehydrating. This is because it is a diuretic, drawing water away from the body and depriving the skin of the essential nutrients that are responsible for a healthy, youthful complexion. 

As a result, skin can sag and wrinkle, as well as increase in dullness and dryness. Congested skin can also occur as a side effect of dehydration, leading you down a rabbit hole of further issues. You may also notice an increase in both blackheads and whiteheads, as well as acne that may even lead to scarring, if the problem persists long-term. But dehydration is just one of the effects of alcohol on skin.




When it comes to alcohol consumption, dehydration and inflammation are two sides of the same coin. This is because alcohol opens up your blood vessels and causes blood to flow at a higher than average level. As a result, redness and flushing is very common, while existing conditions like rosacea can flare up unexpectedly, further exacerbated by puffiness and fluid retention. 

Due to the high level of sugar in alcohol, the overproduction of natural oils in the skin is often triggered, which again furthers the chances of an acne breakout. The effects of alcohol on skin are abundant – we’re only scratching the surface here. 

Other problem areas include issues with your hair and nails, the onset of jaundice, the arrival of irritating skin conditions such as urticaria and pruritus and even an increased risk of life-threatening infections and cancers. 


How To Remedy The Effects of Alcohol On Skin


Easy – limit your alcohol intake and have a crack at Dry January!

The impact it has on your body is so hugely noticeable that you’ll feel so much better for it. There are plenty of tasty non-alcoholic alternatives to try, and if you simply can’t resist a good night out then just make sure you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before bed and over the course of the next day.

For skin concerns that have already set in, Dr Firas offers industry-leading experience and world-class treatment options for everything from rosacea and skin laxity to active acne and scarring. To find out more about the effects of alcohol on skin and to schedule your expert skincare treatment, get in touch with Dr Firas by calling 07494 764 201 today. 

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