30th November 2018

Acne & Scarring

It’s pretty much a guarantee that all of us will suffer with some with acne in some way, shape or form throughout our lives. This extremely common inflammatory skin condition affects both men and women of all ages, particularly during times when hormone fluctuations are abundant, as is the case during puberty or pregnancy, for example. Acne may manifest as the odd whitehead here and there, but for some of us it can turn into a persistent long-term concern that can have severe side effects on both your physical appearance and your mental wellbeing. One of the most common and dreaded side effects are acne scars.

Why Acne Can Scar

Similarly to active acne, subsequent scarring varies in type and requires a bespoke approach to treatment and care. Most acne scars are either depressed, resembling deep dimples or channels that lay below the surrounding skin, or they are raised above the surface of the skin. Depressed scars form as a result of a lack of collagen proteins during the healing process, whereas raised scars appear for the opposite reason with too much collagen forming. As well as this, acne scarring can lead to skin discolouration for some sufferers, and while this may fade over time, there is never a guarantee.

Minimising Scarring

Active acne and the scarring that may follow can leave a lasting negative impression on many aspects of your daily life, particularly your confidence and self-esteem. Although your situation might seem helpless, there are steps you can take to minimise acne scarring and treatment options available for damage that has already been done. The golden rule is to avoid irritating active acne as much as possible, which means no squeezing or picking at spots as this can lead to infection and scarring as a result of trauma to the skin. When it comes to treatment, Dr Firas offers an abundance of highly advanced treatment options for both active acne and acne scarring, not to mention side effects like skin discolouration.

It might be that you need a combination of bespoke treatments to meet your skincare wants and needs, from laser treatment and subcision to dermal fillers, but the only way to take back control of your skin is to schedule your consultation today. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – Dr Firas would love to hear from you!

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