Clean Face 6th September 2022

Expert Tips For A Clean Face When You Have Acne

It’s important to know the best way to wash your face, especially when you suffer from active acne, as it could mean the difference between skin clarity and unsightly breakouts. Do you know how to wash your face? Dr Firas offers some of his best advice below to ensure you get to feel that clean face feeling every single day, even when you’re struggling with your acne symptoms.


Clean Hands, Clean Face

It might seem obvious, but so many people fail before they even attempt to wash their faces because they miss what could arguably be the most important step – wash your hands first! You use your hands for absolutely everything from morning to night. From simple things like opening doors and handling cash to using your phone and cleaning your house, your hands are a breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why it’s so important to wash them regularly.

You should try to avoid touching your face throughout the day as it spreads germs and can cause a breakout or worsen your acne symptoms. But when it comes to washing your face, just make sure your tools are clean first. Clean hands, clean face!


Keep It Simple

The key to a clean face is a simple skincare routine. At the most, wash your face twice a day to avoid irritation. Overwashing and scrubbing excessively, while tempting, can strip the natural, healthy oils from your skin, leaving it dry and inflamed.

When you wash your face, use warm water – never hot – and a gentle face wash as opposed to liquid soap as they tend to be harsher on the skin. Never opt for a bar of soap as these sit around harbouring bacteria. With that in mind, it will take more than soap and water to care for acne-prone skin, so it’s time to take your skincare routine to the next level.


Enhance Your Skincare

When you introduce skincare products to your daily regimen, you still want to keep it as simple as you can. Dr Firas recommends a gentle cleanser to begin with before you check your skin’s progress. Finding over-the-counter products that work for you can be a frustrating game of trial and error, but there are certain things to look out for. Products with salicylic acid are great as they encourage new cell growth while decreasing excess oil and inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide is another key ingredient to look out for. It introduces oxygen into your pores to kill acne-causing bacteria.

As a rule, only introduce one product at a time so that you can accurately monitor how it affects your skin, meaning you can remove it if it has a negative impact and you can continue on the right path towards a clean face. If you’re finding that none of the products you’re using are working for you and that your acne seems to be particularly bad, it might be time to look into medical-grade products and expert advice.


Ask Dr Firas

With years and years of experience with patients suffering from severe acne, Dr Firas knows just how frustrating it can be when it feels like nothing you are doing is working. Acne is such an unpredictable skin condition that affects each person differently, which is why one product might work wonders for one person but have the opposite effect for another. 

Luckily, Dr Firas is a world-leading dermatologist with a comprehensive understanding of acne. Schedule a consultation at his Harley Street clinic in London so that he can assess your symptoms and offer bespoke guidance on how best to treat your skin. It might be that prescription-strength skincare from leading brands such as Obagi might be the best course of action for you, or perhaps an advanced acne treatment would prove beneficial. Sometimes, a combination of both is needed to see the very best results for you.

If you’d like further advice on how to maintain a clean face when you have acne or you’d like to book a consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch here or by calling 07494 764201 or emailing


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