vbeam prima uk 18th March 2019

Vbeam® Prima with Dr Firas Al-Niaimi

As a leading laser dermatologist, Dr Firas Al-Niaimi is world-renowned for staying abreast of the latest innovations and emerging technology in the field, and is proud to only offer the most effective and advanced treatments within his Clinic. This includes Vbeam® Prima laser, a versatile treatment for a range of aesthetic concerns.

What is Vbeam® Prima?

Vbeam® Prima offers a highly effective solution for many conditions that negatively impact skin health. This includes the rejuvenation of ageing skin, and minimising the appearance of port wine stains, rosacea, scarring, or spider veins. Vbeam® Prima is incredibly safe for the patients and offers dual wavelengths for a bespoke experience depending on the depth of treatment required and size of the treatment area.

Vbeam® Prima has a maximum spot size of 15mm, whilst still managing to offer even delivery of light, for a faster and more efficient treatment. It allows for more uniform results and a greater level of patient satisfaction in shorter treatment times. It has an incredibly broad range of uses, and is one of the premiere options on the market in terms of safety and effectiveness.

What Can Patients Expect from Vbeam® Prima?

Unlike other forms of lasers, patients undergoing Vbeam® Prima treatment usually do not have to follow any care instructions either before or after the procedure. Experiences may vary depending on the treatment area, but usually, only topical numbing cream is required, and it is not uncomfortable, Post-treatment, patients can expect swelling, and in some cases bruising may occur, but this should subside fairly quickly, usually within 2 weeks. Full results should be evidenced around a month after treatment.

For more information on Vbeam® Prima, please get in touch with Dr Firas Al-Niaimi to arrange a consultation, or keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon to our websites.

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