Warts are a type of common skin growth that can be rather unsightly and embarrassing for most people to live with. They are almost always firm and raised above the skin, round or oval in shape and tend to have a rough, uneven surface. In general, they are harmless and can be left to disappear on their own, although this can take up to months or even years.

There are numerous home treatments that can be bought over the counter, but these tend to be rather unreliable. Dr. Firas offers both laser removal and excision treatment options that are proven to work, with reliable results. The type of treatment that is best suited to you depends on the type of wart you have, and this will be determined following a discussion and assessment during your consultation process.


Addresses Permanent
Hospital Stay N/A
Downtime N/A
Anesthesia Men and women
Final Result Local Anaesthetic


Warts appear as a result of certain viruses, particularly HPV, and can spread from person to person, especially if your skin is wet or damaged.

This involves cutting the wart out of the skin using a surgical scalpel with expert precision. This immediately removes the wart under local anaesthetic, leaving just a small wound to be stitched.

In comparison to an excision, this type of treatment is less invasive but kills the wart so that it falls off naturally over a period of weeks. Laser energy is used to carefully heat up and destroy the blood vessels so as to cut off the blood supply to the wart.

Both procedures are very quick and simple, with minimal discomfort. Dr. Firas takes steps to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment.

As these procedures are both minimally invasive, you can return to your regular routine immediately afterwards. You might need to clean the treatment area or take other precautions, but Dr. Firas will go through this with you in person.