Botox Treatments London 3rd December 2019

The Different Applications of Botox

In the popular consciousness, Botox is known for its wonderful ability to address the signs of ageing with devastating effectiveness. With the injection of Botulinum toxin into certain areas of the face, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out with delightful efficiency, wiping away these often-upsetting impressions by limiting the movement of the muscles that cause these indications of ageing to appear.

Whilst the brilliant effects that Botox can have on wrinkle-riddled faces is common knowledge, many people aren’t aware of the many other different applications of Botox. Such is its power, it can also be used to help those suffering with a multitude of other skin conditions and health hang-ups find their way back to happiness.


A skin condition defined by a distinctive reddening of the facial features, the flurry of flushing that rosacea inflicts on its sufferers can be combatted by undergoing a series of Botox injections. Administering Botox into the areas of the face afflicted by rosacea, medical professionals help patients tame this condition by using this protein to prevent the dilation of blood vessels that results in this swelling and flushing. Complete in just a few minutes, and with very little downtime to speak of, more and more people with rosacea are finding skin concern solutions via Botox injections.


Sweating is rarely pleasant but, for those diagnosed with the sort of excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis, it can be downright disheartening. With around 3% of people suffering from hyperhidrosis, medical professionals have cottoned on to how Botox can be used to put a stop to this embarrassing condition. Consisting of treatment where the skin around the areas affected is injected with multiple helpings of Botox, hyperhidrosis is managed by paralysing the glands and muscles responsible for generating such irregular amounts of sweat, stopping this phenomenon entirely. Downtime is again at a minimum and, following a treatment that lasts up to an hour, patients have been noted to experience an up to 80% reduction in their sweating.

Calf slimming

Muscular calves can be a source of great distress to those in possession of them. Luckily, the slimming effects of Botox can be used to deal with such concerns. Once Botox is administered directly into the calves, the movement of the muscles in this area is minimised, and they reduce in size due to the lack of activity they can perform after this treatment. Minimally-invasive and with no downtime anticipated, the results of this treatment will quickly reveal themselves before lasting for around 4 months!

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